Hello! I’m Amanda, an intuitive business and lifestyle coach, and Optimyst Prime (ha ha ha!) at The Optimyst. First, let me welcome you to my world – I’m so happy you dropped by to say hi. Usually, the first thing people comment on about my site is that ‘optimist’ is spelled wrong. Well, duh.

Of course it is!

But I’ve done that on purpose because the way I work is a little bit different to other coaches you’ve stumbled upon. At The Optimyst, my coaching combines optimism and mysticism for best results (see, optimism + mysticism = optimyst. Neat, huh?)

So what does that mean? At the most basic level, as your change partner, I’ll teach all the skills you need to supercharge lasting transformation in your life. We’ll also work with your higher self, ancient oracle tools, the energy of opportunity and the Universe to help you bust that rut and live your #BestLife now! Sure, it’s unconventional but aren’t we all different? So why can’t your personal coaching programme be exactly as unique as you are and still achieve results?

I originally studied to be a psychologist, but that path veered off into the business world early into my studies and I ended up becoming a journalist and editor. My career in publishing has since spanned 25 years, writing for and editing some award-winning women’s glossy magazines here in South Africa and in the Middle East. It’s an amazing field to be in and I’ve had the great privilege to mentor and teach some amazing writers, journalists and creatives on their way up the ladder of success.

That’s the part of the work I enjoy the most! Helping anything-but-ordinary women (and men) get comfortable with the amazing human beings they are, to learn to trust their own intuition and to forward-plan for bigger and better things. Remind me to tell you my theory behind your name, as well as the power of stories…

Anyway, I’m also an entrepreneur. I’ve run my own successful media consultancy for the last seven years – I know all about the ups and downs of trying to live the dream. But when you start working with your higher self and the Universe, you also realise that the hustle doesn’t have to be real. The only thing that has to be real is you.

So if you know you’re teetering on the brink of something big and are afraid that you’re running out of time, I’m here to tell you that you’re not. There’s plenty of time – but only if you start working towards what you really want, now. You’ll never be ready for change. But you’re brave. And the Universe rewards brave.

How do I know this? I work with the Universe every day. And by Universe, I mean that higher power we all call different things – God, Allah, Gaia, the Divine, G-Dog, The Diva Upstairs… What we call it isn’t important. I can’t live in a world that doesn’t awe me with it’s sheer magic. I love seeing coincidences happen.

Those little magical nudges that tell you you’re on the right path. This world is so full of darkness and drama, negativity and bad news – it’s the one aspect of journalism I learnt to despise. The whole idea of ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ – those gory stories that fill social media and TV, and trap you with their darkness.

No thank you!

So The Optimyst is my way of doing what I love to do: develop people, use ‘magical’ tools like oracle cards to help me see the way forward, and to coat the world with a thick layer of sparkle and success!

Come and join me 🙂

Get in touch!